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Shower Glass Protection

Tired of scrubbing, trying to remove soap scum, hard water, and other contaminants from your shower doors?

Hydroshield keeps your glass looking beautiful for longer!

Exterior Windows · Auto Glass · Boat/Yacht Glass · Porcelain · Tile

Glass Tech also 

restores and seals


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Granite Restoration!

A Big Thank You to HOUDINI'S in Appleton. RESTORED and SEALED all of the granite on their patio. Great food & great people. Stop by and check it out!

Eliminates the need for abrasive chemical products, creating a better environment.

Hydroshield coated glass protects against hard water stains, soap scum, and much more.


Use 2-3 drops of Dawn Dish Soap and fill a squirt bottle with DISTILLED WATER. Clean with a micro-fiber or cotton towel.